Friday, October 2, 2009


Every week I come up with a new story. A new idea. A new movie plot. The theme to a tale I've been mulling over in my head for weeks on end. An ending scene to a movie I remember first imagining a year ago. Characters are often loosely based on actors I enjoy like Jason Schwartzman or Joel McHale. The plots range from alienated families to Jewish violinists. 

A nerdy but incredibly smart boy who becomes student council president at his local high school. Eventually he becomes corrupt with power and is expelled, while subplots carry on throughout the story until its end, where the boy reflects on all of his mistakes. A man who's nightmares intertwine with reality, to the point where the line is blurred beyond belief. He is eventually restrained at a mental hospital, which serves to only worsen his nightmares, and completely wash away the imaginary line between reality, and dream. These are just a few.

Nonetheless, there is still the every present Writer's Block. I will capitalize it because I believe it is an illness that can be treated. By treatment I mean a walk, a shower, a vacation, a nap. Something that will help the mind stray out of the hole it fell into. I often get Writer's Block when I've toasted two slices of theoretical bread, possibly spread on some mayonaisse, but can't find the tuna. By tuna I mean the theoretical meat of the story: dialogues, meeting places, filler-uppers. What would the main character do in this situation? What would the love interest say to comfort him or make him feel like crap? What would the Mexican sidekick do when shot in the arm at a bodega? Let's think.

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