Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Saint-Claude is the capital of the pipe. Magon is happy to visit it.

One century ago, a lot of factories of pipes were running the city (now only 2 remain), also the polishing of diamonds. Facing hard life of work and strong winters, the workers were meeting in this "House of the People", La Fraternelle (name that I can roughly translate by "The Fraternal"), to make their life better : common food, reunions, art, brotherhood...

Their heads were on coal

Grandaddy Jean-Jaur├Ęs still looking after the people in the court

The gig was really nice, in this beautiful grand room with the mountains as a background.

We felt at home, and the people there received us like close friends, linked by this belief in music and art (and good food) as true ways of upgrading humanity. Winters stay hard, so does the feeling of fraternity.

We believe in signs. This time in this factory mountainous city is totally connected with our new ideas and themes of the songs we are composing nowadays. As I often say, making Magon laugh a lot, everything is connected...



Charlotte & Magon sent me this today, and I'm glad they had fun.

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  1. I love the idea of "upgrading humanity", sounds like a noble plan.