Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's easy to forget that Manhattan is an island. Just a couple of minutes under ground and a few dozen ears popped per subway car leads you to a metropolis so totally different, it is in its own state of being. Some will look at it and grasp it by the horns while others will be overwhelmed, yet often in awe and fascination. 

As I said before it is easy to forget that New York is an island, for it is so serene in its constant bustle, and yet manages to stay stable and forever present.

Some will walk past its less prominent treasures without a second glance, while others will stand back and experience. What makes New York what it is is not the island itself, but the people and hot canteen of soup that is its culture; a pocket full of odds and ends accumulated on the east end of a massive country. Five burrows connected by bridges, land masses, and character, not available any where else in the world

It is often easy to forget that Manhattan is an island - because it is not the island that makes New York what it is, but the presence, the feeling, the people, the endless bustle and the self serenity that at times to the common New Yorker will often seem nonexistent. 

I love Manhattan.

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  1. this is so poetic. I feel much the same way, thanks for putting it into words!