Friday, January 30, 2009


The Subliminal Kid, Roderic Barillo, and Van Rivers just dropped a promomix under the collaborative name, STROBB. The "See You Latah Mixtape" is a uniquely vivid yet perfectly conducted array of sounds. They manage to melt into each other as calmly as diving head first into a dream, while staying unique. +

Check out the tracklist, and then download the mixtape. If you're craving more Subliminal Kid, check them out in the studio, here. +

+ Tracklist:
1 Jackmate - Dynasty
2 Sounders Department - Cosmopolitan (Mix 2)
3 San Proper - Huspers & Kletsers For Life
4 Wouldbenice - Hallschlag
5 Kerri Chandler - Where Is Love
6 Senor Coconut - Chocolatina (MIrco Violi Remix)
7 Tobias. - I can't Fight This Feeling
8 Pom Pom 31 - D2
9 Mood Edit - Man and Nature (Marshall Re-Dub)
10 Gary Martin - Black Forest
11 Aardvarck - Nuts
12 Lil Louis & The World - Why´d U Fall


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tracks I've Been Digging

These are some tracks I've been digging lately. They've been topping the charts on Hypem, and you should really check them out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Think Twice

Think Twice is the perfect cross between The Whitest Boy Alive, and Calvin Harris. They're a mixture of waltzing bass, cool guitar, melodramatic voice, prancing drums, and wandering synths. By definition, an alternative indie pop band based in Paris, France, consisting of Benoit Raymond, JC Couderc and Macdara Smith. Below is my personal favorite track by Think Twice, "You Never Know".

Friday, January 23, 2009

Patterns of Twelve

Patterns of Twelve is a New York/San Diego based electronica group, weaving delicate, complex tapestries of ambient melodies, sewn together by the ever changing pattern of intriguing sounds and melodic harmonies. 

The above piece of art is the newly dropped music video for the track "For Your Love", off of their latest, self-titled EP. You can download all six tracks of the new EP for free, on their MySpace. A possible review is on the way, but until then, enjoy the video

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Fairtilizer is the do it yourself music club - a great way to listen to your favorite artists, hear new music, and share your own tunes. Danish Poet now has it's own Fairtilizer profile, which you can access via the logo (above) on the sidebar. On it you will be able to stream some of the music I post about.  

If you are an artist or someone who owns the rights to that artist's material and you want the music taken down, just leave a comment or email me at DANISHPOET@MAIL.COM.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is a beautifully well done promo vid for the Swedish techno group, The Subliminal Kid. It was done by Ruben Broman in April of last year and gives you some beautiful shots of their gear in hi def. Below's another good one from The Subliminal Kid. 


Friday, January 16, 2009


Denmark dub group Lulu Rouge just released their debut album, "Bless You", which you can buy it at any decent CD shop. The real gem of the album's the title track, featuring Mikael Simpson, with his beautiful, whispering vocals. Downbeat, ominous but moving, it's like a shadow drifting along an alley way. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hell G. is a 32 year-old producer/DJ doing what he loves and making awesome music. Though his MySpace defines him has concrete/zouk/crunk, he's definitely much, much more (I don't even know what zouk is, but if that's him I love it). 

In case you couldn't tell, I love what this guy's making, especially the new remix he just made of the p e a c e FIRE track, "Into The Freedom". He edited it into a magnificent menagerie of synths blending into beats, and forming into an epic, darker version of the original song. Kudos to Trash Menag!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


UK's The Japanese Popstars are bringing the electrotechno, and I've got the synth-powered, ever-changing, unreleased track that's been exploding my stereo. It's an elegantly weaving, face-melting masterpiece that only the Popstars can bring, and I'd also like to dub it as this blogs unofficial theme song. Blast it as loud as you can. 


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Showreel '09 From The Mill

This is the 2009 showreel from the studio The Mill. It was a great year for them in '08 and the vid showcases some of their most beautiful works. Not to mention, the music's cooler than the other side of your pillow. Kudos Phase02.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Local Girl (The Shoes Remix)

France's concrete Adam Kesher's been cooking up some buzz recently with his music vid for the instant classic "Local Girl", which you can watch on his MySpace. I have a remix of the track that completely redefines it. 

The song itself is a fantastic balance of slow dance beats, melodic synths, and Jerome Alban's weeping voice, while The Shoes have ingeniously edited and replaced the instruments with happenin' piano, horn and drum kits. This is going to be on my iPod for a while. Constant repeat.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dollar Mambo

Dollar Mambo - a unique mixture of infectious beats, eerie synths, and beautiful piano. The 35 year-old Swiss has invented a beautiful new subgenre which is eerily reminiscent of dark alley ways deep in the heart of a sleeping city. This sleeping city has a thriving underground, if you catch my drift. 

Dollar Mambo just released a bootleg edit of Nate Dogg's "Liquor", and even though it's very good, it's actually a mashup with piano legend Keith Jarrett. What's truly amazing is how much better it sounds than the original. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's All Weezed Up

The Hood Internet have once again committed the unholy. Should this be attempted by other remixers, mashers, or DJs? NO. These guys are professionals, and they've broken it down to an art. The Hood Internet, or as I lovingly refer to the duo, Da Hood, just recently released a mashup of Weezer and Glass Candy, placing Rivers Cuomo's wailing voice in front of a firey-pop mash of synths and beats. The shocking combo of indie rock and synth pop works, and should be considered a dance floor anthem.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Album Review: I Am Your Bastard Wings

If you heard someone say "I Am Your Bastard Wings", you definitely would think of big brassy/orchestral instrumentation, right? If you did, you’ve pretty much described Eksi Ekso’s debut album. 

Eksi Ekso, formly known as On Fire from Boston, combines grandiose string arrangements with a heavy bass and drum line to form a sound undeniably theirs. ‘I Am Your Bastard Wings’ starts with the very Moody Blues-y ‘The Wintering’ which quickly leads into ‘O’God, They’ve Frozen’; rightfully so. Equipped with a very dramatic horn and very regal orchestrations, you quickly come to an understanding that they are not the weird indie band you thought they were based on their album title. ‘Killing Texas’ has a different aura from the last two and it happens to be my personal favorite. The drum and bass combination is really ideal, and the heavily distorted orchestra really creates a nice effect. ‘The Choir Will Always Sing’ is very similar to ‘Killing Texas’ but a lot more fantasy/dreamlike. The drums are the work of pure brilliance though, I must say. ‘Albatross’ is not quite as nice as the previous two. The horns that start the song off are promising, but then the song just gets way too artsy and over the top. ‘I Thought You Died Last Time’ is a decent song. About the only true thing that sticks out is that the strings are the exact same sound as Ra Ra Riot’s signature strings. ‘Nitnb’ starts with a lone violin and piano. The piano effect is really very effective because they shockingly hardly used a piano until now. Though only a minute and a half long, every second is packed with melancholy splendor. ‘Marvi’ sticks out from the rest but really not in a good way. The guitar and drums overtake the song so much that it sounds like an emo-mess rather than a nicely arranged masterpiece, which is not for me at all. The bassline in ‘The Gallows’ is possibly its best attribute, but the dissonance is a little too unpleasant for my liking. ‘Just Leave’ is a little too over dramatic for me, especially after hearing the last song, but the vocals in this song are the best they’ve been. ‘(Spouse Of) The Blind Hunter’ is a very nice little song. Like ‘Nitnb’, it’s very melancholy, though the vocals are pretty creepy, but that was probably not the point. ‘Russian Excuse’ is a very calm song and the very subtle build-up is a very good effect. The very end sound is like a guitar clicking or something and it goes on for about 30 seconds: that to me is just a little weird. 

Though no song really stands out unless it was really bad, and it gets pretty repetitive without actually repeating itself, I must say, ‘I Am Your Bastard Wings’ wasn’t that bad. Eksi Ekso are very good instrumentalists and the majority of the songs are truly very nicely arranged. The combination of drums with a light string section is definitely their forte. If you’re not into a too mainstream sound and you like your obscure compositions, I would very strongly recommend this album to you.


Written by Double Hawk

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nic Xedro

Nic Xedro is an experimental pop musician that loves what he does. If you've ever seen him live, you'd know that he practically spazzes out from an overdose of passion. His latest track, a cover of the Nirvana classic, is no exception. Wailing along with the bass synths and techno beats, Nic Xedro builds up the song perfectly, showing a completely different side of the Nirvana track. 

I'm looking forward to more from Nic, but until then, listen to this.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Discobot - Lights Out

Got a great track for you from the Brazilian electro group, Discobot. "Lights Out" is the perfect combination of robotic vocals melting into a party-hard riff of electronic synths and excited club beats. 

Check out the new track, and if you love it as much as I do, you may want to check out their latest mixtape over at BIGSTEREO.