Sunday, April 5, 2009


Logan Lynn is an indie-electro-pop king from the mystical land of Portland, Oregon. Experimenting in overexposed photography, escalating synths, and chugging beats, Logan Lynn and Carlos Cortes have weaved happy yet slightly sarcastic melodies that only they could perfect.

They're set to release a new album this Fall titled "From Pillar to Post", which so far seems to be taking a more dramatic and serious turn from Logan's previous albums. Still with the same happy melodies, it is also better structured and mature, and even though you'd be spot on to describe Logan Lynn as the Peter Pan of Oregon, it seems that the time has come for Lynn's style to grow up.

I'm looking forward to more from from Logan Lynn as they continue their evolution - signing under The Dandy Warhols' record label "Odditorium" and taking a step forward with their musical style included - and hope that we'll get around to an album review sometime before the official release. Until then, check out the tracklist below and download one of the few tracks that are being released before the album jumps onto the racks.

1 Feed Me To The Wolves
2 Alone Together
3 If He Hollers
4 Prey On The Power
5 Bottom Your Way To The Top
6 Write It On My Left Arm
7 Burning Your Glory
8 Aftermath
9 I Have To Do It
10 Bleed Him Out
11 You Win The War
12 To Bed, Up The Wooden Mountain
13 The Dotted Line

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  1. your posts always make me want to listen to the music.