Saturday, November 14, 2009


Oh dearest, dearest Sweden. I love you. I've never been within your borders, but I have experienced you through the sense of sound, listening to the many artists who have flourished and spread like a vine across the Atlantic Ocean and into my heart. 

From Love Is All, to Teddybears. From Shout Out Louds to Peter Bjorn and John. Sweden, if you're reading this, this post is for you. Mainly because I had no idea what else to write about, but also because I love you and the creativity you've spurred. 

So, instead of posting music by the fabulous Swedish bands I just listed above (and which I highly recommend), I'm going to post a song by The Stranglers that I wouldn't be surprised to hear on the next Wes Anderson movie. A punk's ode to Sweden.

Double Hawk and I are going back to Terminal 5 for another concert! This time it's Arctic Monkeys! December 10th! That's right, get excited! 

To see the last concert we attended at Terminal Five, click here.

The above drawing is by Sweden's own Nadine Byrne. Kudos to Booooooom.


  1. another concert? lucky dawgs!
    you are such a poetic writer btw.

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