Sunday, November 22, 2009



It's 2009. That means pretty soon, it'll have been just another decade that passed right before our very eyes. Many blogs will be making lists, I'm sure, of some of their favorite music videos, albums, artists, and songs from the past decade. I'll be doing the same, because frankly, I'm not very original. Sometime before the end of the year (December, possibly January) I'll post three lists of, what I consider to be, the top ten best albums of the decade, the top ten best music videos of the decade, and the top ten best songs of the decade.

Along the line of music videos I'll be looking at stuff as good as this. If you have any ideas as to artists, albums, or music vids you'd like me to consider for The List, just email me. Until then, here's some mellow So Cow:

So Cow - To Do List

And even though this has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this article, I've been itching to post this truly fantastic song by Beach House. Making good use of an untuned guitar:

Beach House - Norway

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