Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When there's an electronica group out there that you've never heard before, but when you listen to their music you seriously feel like jumping out of your chair and dancing like there's no tomorrow, than you know they're a good group.

Pelussje are two crazy italians from Milano, Italy, who have a knack for making people tap their feet, if not get out onto the dancefloor. They're originally from the dance group Sidechain Massacre, but are doing just fine making their own bizz. That's right, these guys are getting me so hyped that I'm saying nonsensical things like "bizz". 

Imagine your at a rave, and you're so into the music that your heart is beating to it, your life flashes before your eyes in a blur, and for a split second, you are one with the bass. That is Pelussje.


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