Sunday, May 31, 2009


Pogo lives in his own little word focused on childhood memories, distinctive beats, and magical rhythms. He uses the soundtracks of children's movies and the voices of their characters to weave a world reminiscent of long rainy days, spent cuddled up on the couch watching Alice In Wonderland, or Mary Poppins. It seems that Pogo has matured in the manner of music making, but kept his imagination like that of a child. 

Pogo also creates music videos for his tracks, made by piecing together scenes from the movie which is sampled in the given song. I highly recommend you jump on over to Pogo's YouTube account as well, where you can find many more music videos, including my personal favorite "Expialidocious." In the mean time, hold yourself over with Pogo's "Alice," an electronic trip through the looking glass using samples from Alice In Wonderland.


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  1. a truly inspired original. this guy is really different.